Monday, October 13, 2008

Ossum Rasam

Dino over at Alternative Vegan has a recent blog posting you should all take a gander at, especially with fall in full tilt. It's a recipe for Rasam, which is a warming South Indian comfort food. I bought his cookbook ages ago and have always wanted to make it. What makes things crazy is that two local restaurants have it on the menu, but I am always disappointed when I ask, because "no we are out of Rasam, so sorry."

Well, I finally managed to get the time set aside to make it:

It's pungent, tart, and really, really WARM. Not a searing pepper heat that hurt, but I mean I had this wonderful toasty feeling from the bottom of my stomach to the tip of my nose and my lips, and all in between. Dino's not kidding, this is comfort food you really need to dabble in when the weather tanks out. Big kudos on a great recipe.

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