Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling a little goaty lately

All double entendres aside, after getting my new dishes and silverware, I have been looking for an excuse to make something nice. Since the remainder of my okra went sideways before I could crank out another round of bindi masala, I convinced my "I don't eat Indian food" wife to eat another round of curry. I had a nice bag of frozen goat I picked up at my local Indian grocer, so I put it to the test with...a mango.

This was a strategy to get my wife on my side, since the only curry she eats that I don't cook is an Afghan dish with chicken in a mango sauce. So, she signs onto the idea, and I find out very quickly that both goat and mango alike are a little frustrating to cut and process! My efforts eventually pay off and I cube out the goat, then slice, peel, dice, and puree the mango into some yogurt with ginger, lime juice, and spices. A few whole spices in raging-hot oil in my cast iron skillet, and in went some onions and peppers. At this point, an absurd amount of red chili flakes hit hot oil, creating the effect of a tear gas grenade in the kitchen. The cats fled and started to retch, and I got yelled at. This is the price I pay for mad science, since everybody knows I have no idea what I'm doing at times!

Eventually, goat was added and browned, then the yogurt sauce was ladled in to give it that nice turmeric-induced patina. I had basmati rice with kala jeera in reserve, and so we all know how this story ends. Garnish with cilantro, and there we go:

Aren't my plates and flatware pretty? ^__^

The curry was great, but I think slightly tart. Not bad for basically BS'ing a dish, but I think I can take the lime out and improve things. My wife doesn't care for whole spices, so next batch is going to take it easier on that sort of thing. I didn't hear her complain about the pepper after she was served, so I am going to consider that a win.


Kitchen Calamity said...

Ha! I made the pepper mistake once, as well. Cats hate it. But the ferrets hated it more. The food was yummy though. Once I could get back in after the house had aired out.

Chuck said...

It's a mistake I wouldn't mind to repeat, that's for sure. I just have to make sure that my better half isn't in the house ^__^

deedles said...

Yes, your plate and fork is pretty!! Make a better picture of a place setting so I can see...I have a heavy hand when doling out spices!!! Sometimes.."less is more"..!!!

Chuck said...

Well, it wasn't that it was too spicy, I think that she just prefers the spices ground up. In her defense, they should have been for this one. North Indian, Pakistani, and Afghani curries are thicker & creamier, and would be the sort of thing that "curry powder" would be used for. This dish had whole cumin seeds, coriander that was crushed but largely intact, etc.

I've been making a lot of South Indian food, which is thinner and without emulsifiers, gravy, etc. The Bindi Masala you sampled is southern, and those do use whole spices. Lesson learned, and this is why I have a mortar & pestle. You can grind spices and make your own curry powders. You can't un-grind powdered spice ;)

I'll try and get better pictures of the plates, but I'm usually lazy and only have my camera phone nearby.