Saturday, October 11, 2008

He who controls the spice...

My wife surprised me when I got home from work tonight with a little bit of organizational genius:

Using a little bit of modular shelving and a lot of imagination, she built a "spice rack" for me. Now, I think that's funny because look to the right of that behemoth. That is what passes for a spice rack of the sort that you'd find at any random kitchen shop. Mind you, it's got the basics like your cumin, oregano, basil, pepper, bay leaf, blah blah blah. But a 20 spice rack just don't cut the mustard in this joint:

Frontal shot of the awesomeness. This shelving's great because I can keep surplus and random baggies tucked behind and out of my way. If you'll believe it, this whole mess used to be spread helter skelter across the entire table. Guess how frustrating it was to pick through a billion jars? A little bit!

Big happy garlic & onion thing. I married a Sicilian, it's a kitchen necessity! Anyways, my better half done a real good thing, and I'm happy to have a nice and organized pad to go all mise en place with, so you'll be seeing a lot more of this awesomeness!


deedles said...

Holy Cow!!!! WOW!!!!! I am so impressed (and jealous). If my husband liked to cook (and clean up?), I, too would provide him an awesome kitchen, complete with spices and gadgets! Very impressive...:)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

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