Monday, October 13, 2008

A dud.

Sometimes, you make something good. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you make an abomination. I got a little bit frustrated on this one:

Pay no mind to the soup. It's cream of heirloom tomato and despite being a little on the boring side, it tasted pretty good. No, my rage goes out to the abomination beside it. It was supposed to be pan-seared chicken with a balsamic vinegar reduction, roasted garlic cloves & peppers, with manchego and a garlic flatbread. In other words, it was a big pile of fail. The reduction turned out crap, the chicken dried out, and the peppers were awful. I got too distracted with attempting to make it look interesting and I made something crappy.

Oh well, at least the soup was tasty.

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deedles said...

Really good chefs know you stick with what you know and then build on that. Too much razzle dazzle and look what you get!