Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bread, Part Deux: The Leavening!

It's safe to say that I've caught the breadmaking addiction, so I'm riding this wave while I can. Here's my latest batch:

Same recipe, but this uses aged cheddar and garlic powder rather than grüyere and rosemary. I also opted out of the cheese on top to give it a cleaner look. The taste of cheddar and garlic is a lot more subtle than rosemary and grüyere, but I think the texture improved a bit. This was a double batch, and I divided it up for different loaves. The little loaves were supposed to be boulle, but I kinda mooshed them a bit when setting them on the pan. Next time, I'll ball them up for maximum height. My next plan is to make things I can eat soup out of!

As for this ridiculous bread horde, it's being given out to friends and family. Besides, there's football on tomorrow, and people need nibble food!

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Kitchen Calamity said...

You should talk to my husband about bread bowls. He makes excellent ones. We use them fairly often during the cold months.