Friday, April 24, 2009

Lipstick on a Pig: Whiting Hemingway

So, I had some sea bass.


No longer.

Sadly, it went south on me within a couple of days. I was going to use it to make Sea Bass Hemingway, a totally BS-ed mockup of Grouper Hemingway of my own design. Instead, I was stuck in the midst of my mise en place with a wrapper full of stinky fish, and feeling a bit frantic. To keep dinner on the plate, I resorted to frozen whiting. It's not even close to a match at all, but sometimes bad things happen and you've just got to deal. My wife was very supportive of me and helped me turn the disaster around.

Now, the spaghetti and sauce were very tasty, and the skin on the whiting was at least pleasantly crispy. That's good. The rest of the whiting itself was a bit overdone and let's be frank, whiting on it's best day will never taste as good as sea bass on its worst. It was edible, and partly good, but mostly a lesson worth learning.

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