Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday is at an end.

With the sun setting tonight, so too ends my wonderful experiment into the world of vegetarianism.

So, what have I learned? Has any wisdom been gained from the experience? Was it too much to bear?

The last question first I guess. It was easy. It was perhaps too easy really. I don't really eat much meat at all in my normal activities, but this foray certainly proved the point. I changed my habits very little. Surprisingly the hardest thing to give up were anchovies, which I think are perfectly savory and anchor so many tasty sauces in place.

How about wisdom? Sure. I learned not to hate and fear fortified greens, as long as they're cooked properly. I learned how to reconnect and enjoy some southern food. I learned that seitan is a pretty tasty, albeit pretty silly food.

Now more than ever, eating bravely is an exciting hobby. As long as the food is of good quality and prepared well, there's not really anything I won't try once. I've washed clean the stubborn pickiness of my childhood.

Is this saying goodbye to vegetarian eats for me? Hell no. I love 'em, and I'm sure they'll continue to be a major portion of my diet. I must admit I'm looking forward to easing into a habitual meat dish every now and then though. In particular, I want some seafood this weekend. More on that later.

Until then, I leave you with my final veggie dish of Lent - some yummy paneer mattar :)

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Pode said...

Good. Now you will go back to making dishes with delicious meat in them, I hope.