Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pepperocalypse, continued

When I last left you guys, I had put a haul of peppers into my dehydrator and was getting ready for a long haul. Turns out that it was a relatively short haul. It took less than a day to get the desired effect, which was a plate full of crisp, awesome peppers!

I took the cow-horn peppers and tucked those away for a rare treat, when I get in the mood for a good curry and want to crank up the heat. The jalapenos went to a little experiment:

Pepper oil! How novel! Oil that is hot, to put on things to make them hot! Liquid heat, even!

I tasted it, but much to my chagrin, it was not hot. HOW DO I MAKE THE HOTNESS???

Fortunately, my buddy Dino at Alternative Vegan once again saved my day, after a bit of laughter at my predicament. His answer was to cook the peppers and oil on medium-low heat for a bit, to release the capsaicin (aka, the heat) in the dried peppers. After a bit of emptying and cooking, I returned the oil and peppers to the bottle, and voila!

It's hot without taking the paint off the walls, and its AWESOME with a little paisano bread, for a bit of an unusual taste. This is totally rad stuff and you should make some.

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