Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I like to make and eat salad

As I made a salad for dinner tonight, it gave me a little time to think about why I like to do it, so I figure I'll explain myself.

  • I get to cut vegetables with sharp knives. I enjoy every opportunity I get to use my knives, and veggies are by far the most fun stuff to cut.
  • I hate lettuce, and I get to make salads with far tastier greens. Lettuce is the Great Satan.
  • Arugula arugula arugula arugula arugula.
  • Heirloom tomatoes are awesome.
  • It's another excuse to use garum, as if I needed one.
  • I can just toss a mound of random crap on a plate and it's pretty even when slapdash.
  • I'm very lazy. When I'm done, I have a bowl and a fork to clean. That's it.
  • One more time, arugula.


deedles said...

SOOOO pretty and looks wonderful..Very nice salad plate!!!

Chuck said...

Yeah I know! Whoever bought those plates has serious taste ;)