Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Redneck hommous

In a fit of mad science, I decided to make a "hommous" using traditional southern cuisine ingredients. It sounds bizarre, but if you think about it, it should work! I tweaked a little past this video (added citric acid to improve the acidity). It's not as pretty a color as traditional stuff, and black eyed peas don't quite spin as smoothly, but it's not a bad variation!

Here's the finished product, topped with some paprika and served, in true redneck fashion, with saltine crackers.


PDX Glutton said...

Cool! Sounds like a worthy recipe. Love the saltines.

Chuck said...

I couldn't think of something quite as trashy to accompany this. Cornbread probably wouldn't work (and would be difficult to make a vegan version of). I almost got Ritz crackers, but I figured that somebody in a single-wide would consider them high-falootin' crackers too fancy.

I'd suggest if you try this out, you may want to add a clove or two of garlic also. It needed a little bit of that raw garlic bite.

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