Friday, February 5, 2010

Sodas going retro

I like an occasional soda now and then. It's a treat, as it should be. It's not a water substitute or anything you should be enjoying on a daily basis at all. That said, unless you're on the look-out for good small-batch sodas or maybe like to shop at latino grocery stores or ethnic markets like I do, you're usually going with something over-saturated with high fructose corn syrup instead of real sugar. While the health issues are pretty much the same with each, the corn syrup just doesn't taste right to me and never has.

So it's been sort of a nice change of pace to see a lot of companies starting to bottle throwbacks of American brands and put them on the market. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper have done it, and I'm happy with each of them more or less. The taste is less sticky-sweet and you actually catch the flavor of the drink behind it without feeling all disgusted after having some.

It's a great start, as I said. What I'd like to see now are the return of 12 ounce glass bottles in general markets. Yes, you can go to the aforementioned latino grocers and ethnic markets and get an imported real sugar Coca Cola, and I do that every now and then. It's a shame that it's sort of tucked away as a little secret, because glass retains the cold so much nicer than plastic. Further, I'm sorry, but you can taste a difference with plastic. It's just a little off.

So, keep putting out real sugar soda. Let's get em in glass now. Maybe after that, reduce the portion size. Y'all remember eight ounce bottles? I sure do.


a. said...

Charley! How coincidental that you posted about this. I just wrote about the Throwback Mountain Dew on my blog 2 days ago. It wasn't really in the same vein as yours, but still. :) I like reading your stuff. I love cooking and all things food and it's fun to find someone who shares that interest! Also I had no idea you could buy that stuff at the Mexican stores. I've definitely made a mental note. Thanks for sharing!

Chuck said...

Awesome! I just saw that. Pretty awesome we're on the same wavelength on that sort of thing :)

Re: Mexican Coke - coca cola is regionally produced in each market for the most part. Outside of the US, they don't have huge corn subsidies, so they're made with sugar, and most of them use recycled glass bottles. Look it up, pretty easy to find, and great for a rare treat.