Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chill out


...the sound of summer. YAY SUMMER'S HERE! UGGGGGHHHHH!

Seriously it is hotter than Satan's jockstrap in deepest Alabama. We've been vacillating between mid 90's to nearly 100's for days, and our rain decided to stop working. I've watered my garden twice each day since thursday, and the plants still look like they're begging for mercy. I'm stewing in sweat if I even think about going outside.

Right now, I only want to think about doing whatever I can to stay cool. With the first official day of summer now on the books, you should probably do the same. Get an ice cold beer or three. Margarita, ice cream, sweet tea, whatever takes the heat off.

It's also a great time for watermelon. Even when it's not at its coldest, it just has a cooling effect on me. I couldn't take the horrible heat today so I remembered my mom had given me a nice looking seedless melon. I hacked into a chunk of it and served it up.

I also remembered I had my pink block of himalayan salt in the freezer, so I sliced the melon and laid it all around the block. The salt sort of cured the melon and the salty flavor wicked into it a little bit. The faintest sprinkle of cayenne pepper on each slice for a bit of something different, and it was perfect. Salt hit your tongue first, then melted into cooling sweetness, with just a little spice as you swallowed. Since the melon was refrigerated and the salt was out of the freezer, the whole thing stayed COLD COLD COLD, which helped me to beat the heat.


Marilyn Pritchard said...

Where in the world did you find pink himalayan rock salt?? Your blog is fabulous!!! I'm glad your mom showed it to me.

Chuck said...

It was a flight of fancy suggested to me by a friend, and I don't recommend buying it unless you're just dead-set on having a very strange presentation dish.

If you do, in fact, want something weird like that, it's wonderful for semi-curing raw meats and veggies and things like that. Sashimi, carpaccio, tomatoes, melons, anything you need to have salt imbued in it. It wicks saltiness into moist foods rather well.

This is a link for what I bought, though they don't seem to have any in stock right now. I wouldn't pay anything higher than $25 if you ever see one.