Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy lazy food update

Title says it all. I have been cooking lots of things, but not really found time to post them up. I'll keep them brief:

One of the two cheddar garlic bread loaves I made the other day. They sort of sagged in the middle lol, but it's otherwise great stuff. Been toasting two slices and having an egg in between for breakfast :)

Bindi Masala, an awesome South Indian curry featuring okra. This is pretty much my favorite way to eat okra, as I don't really care for Southern-fried usually. It's okay in gumbo, but this dish is what makes it a star. It's got a tangy, punchy taste from the curry I use, and I dope it up with a LOT of chili flakes. The rice is basmati, lightly saffroned, with toasted kala jeera.

A cream of roasted red pepper soup with rosemary. This was served with some rosemary bread, which I sliced and shaved Swiss Grüyere onto, and made into crostini. I've made this one before in an earlier blog, but the presentation was crap, and I like this one much better :)

More red peppers? HE'S A MADMAAAN!!! This is some spinach garganelli pasta with a sauce made of roasted red peppers, rosemary, toasted pine nuts, and garum. Served with chicken cooked in a white wine reduction, and topped with manchego. This is pretty similar to an earlier dish I made, but I've twisted it about a little. The sauce picked up just the right amount of a sunny note from the acidity of the wine. I wanted to try making it with a bay leaf but I'll wait for that chance later.

Risotto with sliced portabellas, white truffle oil, and manchego. This time, done properly. It held together much nicer than my last go at a risotto, and tasted infinitely better.

That's about it lately. Some other crap I made, but it didn't turn out as well.

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